Wide format printers produce the finest quality available anywhere.
A wide media selection and inks allow gorgeous, full-color prints for countless indoor and outdoor uses. Banners, murals, backlit signs, billboards ….. whatever you can imagine.

Large Format Capabilities Up To 60″ Wide
Party Signs, Banners, Point of Sales, Hot & Cold Lamination,  Foam Core Mounting, Full Color Printing, Decals, Paintings & Canvas Reproduction, Photo Gloss, Economy Grade Matte, Water Resistant Vinyl, Retail Displays, Tyvek, Clear Film, Premium Matte, Golf Event Signage

Banners are normally made out of a 12 oz. material that can be used outdoor on gloss or indoors using matte. Materials can range from short term items like a 10oz smooth up to a heavy 18 oz. material for heavy wind conditions.

Mesh is a special banner material that is filled with holes to reduce wind resistance. Mesh is used mainly for extremely large banners to also help reduce the weight. This material normally weighs 8 oz. and has a 65/35 hole to printed area ratio.

Backlit Prints
Backlit prints are made from a 20 oz. material designed to take the rigors of permanent outdoor signage that is lit from behind. Lighter versions and various materials are available to create lit menu boards and displays similar to those seen in airports.

Pressure Sensitive Vinyl
Pressure Sensitive Vinyl is used when you are required to stick your graphics to a surface. The list of this type of material can be quite extensive. Adhesive vinyl is used for vehicles, floors, windows, walls, signs, menus and so much more. They can also be laminated with a clear film to create various luster and textures.
Double Sided
Double Sided material contains a special black opaque material sandwiched in between two printable surfaces. This opaque layer prevents an image printed on one side from being see through on the other side (ghosting).Two main materials are an 18 oz. material for outdoor use on poles and over street banners. The 13 oz. version is smooth with no scrim and is great for indoor use.
Wall Posters are very versatile and easy to install. They are printed and cut to any size on various materials like 80# poster paper, .024 cardstock, or even on 1/2″ foam boards. Another unique material is the Adhesive Wall Graphic. This material sticks to any surface and comes back off any time with out damaging any surface or leaving residue.
Magnets can be printed directly on in full color and also cut into any shape. Magnets are being used for signage on vehicles down to small advertisements on refrigerators.
A-Frame Signicades can be used as outdoor sidewalk frames, point of purchase messages, portable sales promotional messages, event messages, tradeshow displays and other applications.
Recent Projects

Construction Mishap to Beautiful Graphics

A national franchise was opening a local location, and something went amiss with construction. Due to an error, insulation, and all of the other innards of a wall, were visible through the glass of the customer entrance. Whoops!

We swooped in and installed a big, beautiful graphic to cover the mistake and provide some eye candy at the entrance.